Big Swoll Fitness

Off The Field Plan Team Members will have access to Big Swoll Fitness.  The member benefit includes a customized wellness plan tailored to individual ability and needs, whether a pro athlete or a novice. The Big Swoll Fitness staff has a wide array of qualified personnel: NPC and IFBB competitive athletes and trainers, registered dieticians and weight loss specialist, even diabetic protocol specialists. Each program is customized to the individual member of Off The Field Plan. We have partnered with Big Swoll Fitness to  assist you in building a healthier you with new habits to sustain your lifestyle.

Big Swoll Fitness Coaching Includes:

  • Custom diet plans calorically set up to your BMI and fitness goals
  • Custom workout plans to suit your ability and access to training equipment
  • Motivation & encouragement
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Online access to the certified Big Swoll Fitness staff


Big Swoll Fitness Coaching Staff:

Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD

Chuck Rudolph is a Nutrition Coach as well as a Registered Dietitian (Graduate California State University Long Beach) and holds a Masters degree in Nutrition Education and Biochemistry (Graduate of University of Cincinnati as well as Bachelor’s degree of Science from Xavier University. Chuck has been providing nutrition education and meal plans for the past 20+ years.

Being a former college athlete, Chuck Rudolph’s expertise is directed at insulin balance, total body inflammation reduction, body fat loss, precise belly and love handle reduction, nutritional supplement development and enhancing sports performance and over all well-being and health through SIMPLE, yet superior nutrition planning and education. He has developed successful meal plans for top level business men/women, stay at home moms that want to be in shape as well as various professional, college and high school athletes. Chuck has authored and co-authored various published scientific articles that are written for health care practitioners and consumers. Currently, his personal interests involve educating daily insulin balance through nutrition to coincide with each person’s busy and hectic lifestyle. Through his efforts, Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD has acquired an excellent reputation for his ability to assess and implement nutritional excellence and EDUCATION. His years of practical and clinical experience have given him a unique ability in connecting together the disparity between nutrition science and its application for optimal physical wellness and performance.

Neil Spaletta

Being healthy is a way of life, not something to do part time. For me it all started in college, I was attending CSU Chico for a Construction Management degree and in my heart I knew it wasn’t fulfilling enough. I loved the gym, the training, the dieting, the learning about your own mind and body became fascinating to me. So I listened to my heart to pursue it while still going through college in construction. I studied nutrition, training, the mechanics of the body, and from there began my own personal training courses to pay my way through school, and that is where it all began.

 10 years later I now own a nutritional supplement line, still am a personal trainer and nutritionist, and get to love and enjoy my work everyday. I take pride in helping people learn a healthier lifestyle and understand how much better you feel in your mind and body from exercising and eating right. It makes my day when I get to hear a client notice the progress they’ve made through the hard work. All this is what drives me to be my best at this and always strive to be better.

 With me I will teach you (not just show you) how to eat right and change your body to have more energy, lose fat, gain muscle, and just feel better every day. You’ll learn from me about macro and micro nutrients, exercises and how your body work mechanically, and how you can take that as far as you want to go.

 Every two (2) weeks will be updates on you and your body. How you are feeling, what you’ve been eating, and where to go from there so you live a healthier life. There is no secrets, no magic, just effort and hard work and anybody can achieve any goal they desire. But it is you the has to put the work in and I will guide you to the very best of my ability to make every individual goal achievable.

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